Meet the Family

Anthony is a devoted family man who frequently emphasizes the significance of placing Jesus at the heart of the home, considering it the bedrock of the Church. He openly shares his love for his wife, Shelia, and their children and grandchildren from the pulpit. Their enduring bond has spanned 35 years, commencing with the birth of their first son, John Mark, on Pastor Wynn’s birthday in 1987. Micah followed six years later in 1993.

In a heartwarming progression of family milestones, Micah wedded Jessie on December 1, 2012, while John Mark found his wife, Hannah, on March 22, 2014. The joy continued with the arrival of Henry, a delightful addition to John Mark and Hannah’s family, born on October 1, 2018. Just seven weeks later, Micah and Jessie welcomed their own bundle of joy, Kara, a beautiful baby girl on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2018. John Mark and Hannah soon found their second son, William. Micah and Jessie found Clark, their first son early in 2023.

Pastor Anthony and Shelia harbor genuine concerns about the challenges preacher’s children often face, feeling overlooked amidst the busyness of ministry. They’ve earnestly prayed for and vigilantly watched over their children to ensure their well-being in this regard. Both John Mark with Hannah and Micah with Jessie play integral roles in the ministry, creating a strong familial presence.

Amidst the demands of ministry, Pastor Anthony and Shelia savor every precious moment spent with their most treasured gift – family.

About the Ministry

Pastor Anthony possesses a genuine love for all people, recognizing the inherent value of every soul – not only those redeemed but also those marked by the scars of life’s challenges. Anthony and Shelia Wynn are driven by the awareness that time is fleeting, emphasizing the urgency to remain vigilant as countless souls are lost, and families find themselves broken.

The advent of modern technology has opened avenues to extend their message beyond the local sphere, reaching across the globe to declare the enduring power of Jesus to save, heal, and deliver. Since 2005, Oasis Ministries has evolved from airing on a single station to a remarkable feat of being broadcasted over 120 times weekly. The outreach of Oasis Ministry spans across more than 40 states and resonates in 47 nations.

A heartfelt acknowledgment extends to Micah Wynn, the dedicated Office Manager of Oasis Ministries, and the entire Oasis Team for their unwavering commitment and countless hours of hard work. Pastor Anthony and Shelia recognize that the realization of their vision to touch souls globally would be inconceivable without the invaluable contributions of Micah and the entire Oasis Team.

Because of the countless hours put in by everyone at Oasis Ministries, Oasis has been able to create its own tv station called “GreaterLove.TV” where preachers, such as Pastor Wynn, Perry Stone, Tim Hill, and many more have been given the ability to spread the Gospel even further!

Driven by an ardent desire, Pastor Anthony and Shelia are resolute in their mission to bring souls into the Kingdom of God while urging fellow Christians to safeguard their compassion for the lost.